by Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. The country is facing a serious crisis. Democracy has been replaced with kleptocracy. Laws intended to protect the people are now used to threaten and oppress people. The GST now burdens the people. And the price of ikan kembung is now RM20 per kilo.

2. Yes the people are suffering. Almost all of them. But there are some who feel nothing. So what is so bad about the RM20 ikan kembung. Its only a few Ringgit more. A few Ringgit is nothing. Just a drop in the ocean. Rising cost is normal. You just have to put up with it.

3. Then there are those who believe they actually benefit from the crisis. The crumbs are still worth scrambling for. If you are not critical it’s okay. You can enjoy the crumbs.

4. What kind of Government we have is irrelevant. All Governments are the same. If they steal some money that is normal. For those who know how, there will be opportunities to grab from the very misrule, even from the stolen money.

5. Let those stupid people stretch their necks out. If they get chopped, that is their problem. If they succeed that too is okay. We know how to benefit from their efforts.

6. It is sad that we should have such people. They don’t care for the sufferings of others. They don’t care for what happens to the country. Democracy or kleptocracy are the same to them. If you behave yourself the absence of the rule of law will not harm you.

7. If indeed they are made to suffer, then just leave the country. Go to Australia or Britain or Canada. Take up foreign citizenship. Visit the country once in a while.

8. These people are among us. There are not many of them. But their attitude may spread within their circle. They may not vote. Some may even spoil their votes. They vote but they don’t vote. And they will tell others not to vote.

9. Their effect on the election may not be great. But Najib is resorting to fraudulent ways. Tampering with voters lists, cheating and changing boundaries of constituencies, corruption of the voters, deregistration of opposition parties and blocking their coalition, changes in the procedures of voting, arresting and detention of opposition leaders and candidates, threats, buying over opposition leaders etc and claiming that Najib will know who votes for whom.

10. These are how Najib cheats so as to win. There are people who say there is nothing Pakatan Harapan (PH) can do. BN will win by hook or by crook.

11. But PH can still win. It can win if there is massive support for the PH by those who care.

12. The voter turnout must be the biggest ever. Nothing less than 85%. This is achievable as shown in the 13th General Election. A Malay tsunami is what is needed. It can happen.

13. Support for PH must be massive. The aim is for the PH to have big majorities when they win.

14. Small majorities will lead to vote stuffing by the BN which has the control over all the Government employees working in the election.

15. There will be recounts and again the Government party can manipulate the counting.

16. Postal votes are especially proven to fraudulent changes.

17. Big majorities for the PH will be less susceptible to manipulation.

18. That is why we regret the attitude of some who do not care. They may not vote or they may spoil the votes.

19. Believe me; those who do this will live to regret the fate of their children and grandchildren. They will bear the brunt of the huge debt payment etc. Massive though the destruction of Malaysia by Najib now, the destruction if Najib is returned will be even worse than presently.

20. The people who will suffer most will be the poor, especially the rural Malays and the races in Sabah and Sarawak. The people and the country will be racked with racial conflicts, the absence of the rule of law and the kleptocracy.

21. Stay in your comfort zone and you will, one way or another, pay a very high price.

DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD is a former prime minister. This article first appeared on his blog,

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